Dove’s beauty comparison

Sure, the other people think she’s more beautiful than she thinks, but they only showed the drawings for attractive women. Would the results veer the other way if the models weren’t, well, models?

Also, the other person’s perspective might be more beautiful, but is it more accurate compared to the actual face?

Also, also… how much difference can a smile make? Would the “ugly” face be prettier than the “beautiful” face if the first was smiling and the second wasn’t?



One thought on “Dove’s beauty comparison

  1. I can’t help but feel a little skeptical about this (the whole setup is a bit weird, in my opinion), though it’s interesting. Agreed with your first point – I used to suffer from skin problems that were hard for people to ignore, regardless of perspective. In that case, I doubt one drawing would look much different from the other.

    Overall, I do think perspective is more important that accuracy, because looks are almost always relative. What is ugly to one person can be attractive to another, and so on.

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