“God” consciousness

Here are some thoughts on artificial consciousness, specially, whether or not computers will someday become conscious similar to the way we are.

I think, like the article argues, that it will be difficult to determine a fine line of consciousness, but I do think creating something we call consciousness will become possible at some point.

Will it be the same as human consciousness? I don’t know. I think that would take more than brain power. I think it would also mean creating the rest of the human body and experience in order for the consciousness to sit in it and experience life the way we do. That seems like a stretch.

What’s interesting to me about all this, though, is the idea of consciousness apart from a physical body. I liked the discussion about what it would mean to be conscious in different places. Could we say we’d really “uploaded” our consciousness if we were able to put it into a computer in multiple different places?

And what about God? Is God like that? God seems like a consciousness without a body. We might be getting closer to understanding what that really means.

Updates: Check some of the comments on the article…

  • Bob: “The conflict here arises because of thinking of it in the wrong terms: instead of ‘transfer’ or ‘upload,’ a better analogy is ‘forking’…”
  • gemli: “One intriguing idea is that we might replace small parts of our brain with surrogate electronic components that would integrate into the whole over time, without our being aware that a change had occurred. After enough such replacements, the brain would be completely electronic without our being aware that anything had changed…”

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