Wanting the other person to be wrong

Raptitude has been a solid site I’ve followed on and off since I first found it. I like the longer form writing, that he digs into topics more than the typical “Top 10 reasons why…” posts. He takes his time writing his posts instead of trying to churn out a new one every other day. I appreciate that.

Today, though, I didn’t really like his post. I felt like he needed more concrete examples. It felt too abstract to me.

About two-thirds of the way down the post, though, part of a paragraph jumped out at me. It’s about the debates we often have with each other, often online, that don’t get anywhere. I could empathize with his thoughts here, and I learned something:

You may have noticed that in these debates, we don’t want the other person to make a good point, even if conceding it could leave us with a more intelligent stance than we had before. Instead we want them to make dumb points that make ours sound good. We want them to be wrong more than we want to learn anything.” -David Cain


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