The power of vulnerability

This one got my attention.

Followed shortly by this one, by the same researcher/story teller (although they may have been given in reverse order originally).

“We cannot selectively numb the dark emotions. When we numb vulnerability and fear and shame of not being good enough, we by default numb joy.” -Brene Brown


Struggle in education

As a teacher but more so as a learner, I’m always interested in ideas on education, especially drastic differences like the ones highlighted in this article. I’d like to see more to support the western vs. eastern dichotomy (seems like it could just be a difference between some American schools and some Japanese schools), but overall the article seems to point to an important distinction.

How do we view struggle, and how do we act on it in practice, as opposed to the lip service we all can easily pay it?

What do you carry every day?

I found a blog that just took an hour or more of my life away…. while I’m in India! The idea is simple: what’s do you carry with you every day? Followers contribute photos of their carries, and everyone checks them out. I can see this definitely fueling a frenzy of materialism, but yeah… it’s what I’ve discovered lately. If you’re curious, it’s called EDC (Every Day Carry).